A Noble Teaching Initiative In Subarnapur During COVID-19 Lockdown

Subarnapur: ‘I am a teacher and I cannot be at home,’ this was the slogan of a group of teachers in Subarnapur district who dedicated themselves to impart education despite the COVID-19 crisis.

When coronavirus had gripped the entire state and country, these teachers of Badakalre and Sahajabahal villages went from home to home to educate children who do not have mobile phones.

The noble initiative by the teachers enabled children to finish their courses on time. In Sahajbahal, the teachers wrote the course material on a blackboard which was placed at a common location in the village.

The students used to come there and take notes. Similarly, in Badakalre, the teachers dropped teaching material in drop boxes which were positioned at common sites in the village.

The students used to take those and study. If there were any doubts, the students wrote the same on a paper and put it back in the drop box.

The teachers used to go from home to home to clear the doubts of their students. The efforts of the teachers and cooperation of students have been applauded in Subarnapur and neighbouring districts. They have set an example for others, the villagers said.

“For not so privileged students, the effort of teachers from villages have been a boon. We are proud of them,” the villagers added.