FM Shares Video To Highlight Digital Payment Revolution

Hyderabad: The revolution in digital payment is sweeping through India with even petty shops and even roadside vendors using QR code but a video shared by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Twitter shows even alms-seekers are not left behind.

The 30-second video shows a traditional alms-seeker using a QR code scanner which is tied to the head of his decorated ox while a man is scanning the code on his mobile phone to make the payment.

“Recd a video of a Gangireddulata, where alms are given thru a QR code! India’s #digitalpayment revolution, reaching folk artists,” tweeted Sitharaman.

She wrote that in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Gangireddulavallu, a nomadic tribe in the states, dress up old oxen which are no longer helpful on farms, walk door to door during festivals and performing with their nadaswarams (musical instrument).

In the video posted by the minister, a man is seen scanning the PhonePe QR code tied to the head of the decorated ox carried by the folk artist, playing his instrument.

“It’s done,” the man is heard saying in Telugu after entering some amount and making the payment.

Playing nadaswarams, the uniquely-dressed folk artistes with specially decorated oxen visit houses and shops during festivals to seek alms.

They are usually seen going around in the villages during Sankranti, the colourful harvest festival celebrated with pomp and gaiety. People give them money, clothes or grain as alms.