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HDFC Bank Ranks 13 Globally For Market Capitalisation In Banking Segment

16 March 2019


Bhubaneswar: HDFC Bank is ranked 13th in the world in terms of market capitalisation in Banking segment.

While the present market cap of JP Morgan Chase & Co is 344 Billions, 3.44 times that of HDFC Bank, the Balance Sheet of JP Morgan Chase & Co is US$ 2.62 Trillion, 16 times more than that of HDFC Bank.

It shows that HDFC Bank is the costliest stock in the world.

HDFC Bank PBV (Price To Book Value) is 5.33 as per ADR (American Depository Receipt) price while nearest best in Top league is Toronto Dominion Bank with 1.99, JP Morgan at 1.5 and BOA at 1.17.

In July 2018 HDFC Bank raised US$ 1.6 Billion through ADR issue at US$ 104 and yesterday it closed at US$ 112. (Each ADR equal to 3 shares in the domestic market. HDFC Bank ADR is presently quoting at 14.2% premium to domestic price of Rs 2253).