‘Bigg Boss 10’ Winner Manveer Gurjar On Perks Of Lockdown

Mumbai:  “Bigg Boss 10” winner Manveer Gurjar, who is currently in Mumbai, has urged people to take the current lockdown phase in a positive way.

“One of the perks of social distancing is that it has given us some much-needed space. With less interaction with the outside world, we do not have to worry about pleasing others and putting their needs over that of our own.

“Now is the time to put yourself first and do things that will make you feel happy and relaxed. In such difficult times we all deserve a little self-love,” he said.

According to Manveer, it’s the best time to revisit your old skills.

“Its a great time of revising an old skill. As all of us have a skill that we have now stopped putting to use due to different reasons. This might be an opportunity to revisit that old skill and rediscover why you fell in love with that particular thing in the first place.

“We often let go of skills that we think are useless because they cannot be monetized. But under current circumstances, mental peace and happiness are a luxury and these skills could just buy us those,” he added.



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