COVID-19: Dhinchak Pooja Releases Awareness Song

Mumbai:  Internet sensation Dhinchak Pooja is the latest celebrity to come up with a song about coronavirus.

On Thursday, Pooja released her latest number titled “Hoga na corona”. The song starts off with the disclaimer that it is only meant to raise awareness about the diseases and does not in any way try to work as medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

The disclaimer also adds that anyone displaying COVID-19 symptoms should immediately consult a doctor. It even adds that no animals were harmed while shooting the video.

The song goes:

Corona corona kaam yeh karo na
Dua yeh karo na
Kisi ko yeh ho na
Hoga na corona
Haath tu dhona
Jaldi se sona
Time na khona
Tension tum lo na
Babu ho ya sona
Baad mein na rona
Mazaak mein na lo na

The song is avaialable on YouTube, the platform that made Dhinchak Pooja a star thanks to her hits such as “Selfie maine le li aaj”, “Swag wali topi” and “Dilon ka shooter”.



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