Jaynarayan Pankaj posted as DIG STF Bhubaneswar

Has Salman Khan Convinced Sunil Grover To Return To The Kapil Sharma Show?

14 March 2019


Bhubaneswar: After a clash between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover, recent reports suggest that the former colleagues might reunite on the Kapil Sharma Show. And, there is only one man to thank for this- Salman Khan.

As the producer of the show, Salman has been making a lot of key decisions recently. Reports stated that- “Salman wanted Sunil Grover back on The Kapil Sharma Show so that it could go a notch higher." After exiting from the show, Sunil has been doing well in the film industry. Thus, he is skeptical of coming back on the show but Salman might have convinced him.

It is notable to mention here that after a fight in 2017, Kapil and Sunil had parted ways. But, Salman will be getting Sunil along to promote the film 'Bharat' on the show and will also be getting him to work again with Kapil.