Kalki On Her 1st Born: After 17 Hours Was So Tired

Mumbai:  Kalki Koechlin has introduced her newborn baby girl Sappho to the world and thanked her team of doctors who did not give up on her even after 17-hour-long labour.

Kalki took to Instagram, where she shared a string of photographs of her along with her daughter, and boyfriend Guy Hershberg and also the team of doctors, who helped her with childbirth.

“So thankful to the whole team at Tulip Women’s Care and to my to doctors @docsheetalsabharwal and @drrvpunjabi who simply refused to give up on me even when after 17 hours I was so tired I begged them to take the baby out any way they could and they said no, you’ve come this far and you’re going to have your natural water birth, and an hour later Sappho was born. You guys are miracle workers!” Kalki captioned the images.

The 35-year-old in September opened up about her relationship with Hershberg, an Israeli classical pianist. She had previously married to filmmaker Anurag Kashyap in 2011 but separated after two years.



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