Roshni Kapoor Recalls Shooting Experience During Pandemic For ‘The Rage – Over Injustice’

Mumbai:  Roshni Kapoor’s debut film ‘The Rage – Over Injustice’ that went to the Cannes Film Festival, is now all set to release on OTT.

Roshni who plays an NRI girl in the film is happy with the development.

The story revolves around how she is determined to fight against the unjust circumstances that befall her friends and herself through the pursuit of uplifting and empowering the LGBT community.

“The film was shot in Goa, Pune and Dubai. The experience of shooting the film was wonderful. Since we shot during April when the Covid situation was not favourable, we went to an island in Goa. We used to carry food and we used to get only about six hours for the shoot as the island was surrounded by goons and bootleggers.

“So after 8 p.m. we weren’t allowed to stay there. There was no network coverage there. We faced several challenges including my major knee injury, insect and mosquito bites, heat strokes, skin burns etc. but we completed the film the way we wanted,” she shares.

Sharing her prep for the character, she adds: “I didn’t get much time to prepare. When I met producer Mohammad Nagman Lateef, he told me about this role, I loved the concept. We were worried about the rise in Covid cases so we decided to finish the film soon. Even when we started, some of the cast members tested positive and we had to replace them. But our director knew how to get the best out of us.”

Roshni, who is also a brand endorser, does not have a formal training in acting and she learnt on the job.

“I realised when I’m facing the camera, I’ve to leave my real personality behind. When you are shooting, you’re only an actor and have to do your job. I’ve given my best and there are many times where in one take, the shot was finalised. I remember while shooting a scene when I had mud smeared on my face, a fan asked for a photo after the shot and I felt embarrassed, given my condition,” she adds.

So, who inspired her to take up acting ? “I would give credit to Mohammad. We met at one of his award functions and he suggested if I would do a movie for Cannes for a good cause. I told him that I’m not into acting, though I’d got many offers. He told me to make a movie that works as a message for people. I’m glad I listened to him and took up this opportunity,” concludes the actor.

‘The Rage – Over Injustice’ is directed by Anuj Sharma while Anik R. Verma of ‘Gully Boy’ and ‘Special 26’ fame is the cinematographer and the production house is Iconic Productions Pvt Ltd.

The film says a lot about the LGBT community. It also stars actors Adnan Khan and Aditya Khurana.