TV Celebs Miss Festive Fervour Amid Pandemic

Mumbai:  Dussehra and Navratri have been overshadowed by social distancing norms in the era of the pandemic, and a slew of TV celebrities have shared how badly they are missing all the festivity.

Ashi Singh, who plays the lead role in “Aladdin: Naam Toh Suna Hoga”, misses Garba at pandals. “This year, things have been extremely difficult for people around the world as a lot has changed, including how we are celebrating festivals. All the colours, music, Garba, and heavy dresses are missing this year, but the festive spirit is very much alive in everyone. I miss going to the pandals for Garba. Honestly, I am awful at Garba but those nine days always go into perfecting my Garba Raas. I miss that this year,” she said.

Ashi did manage to visit a pandal recently. “I recently got the chance to visit a pandal in Mumbai to worship in front of Devi Maa’s idol. Although not many people were allowed there, I was lucky enough to visit and it was great to see that they took all precautionary measures there. I want to tell everyone to keep their spirits high and play Garba with same enthusiasm at home,” she added.

Vaishali Thakkar recalled keeping a fast and having milk and fruits during Navaratri.

“I fast during Navaratri every year, and have only milk and fruits. This year, when everyone needs to take utmost care of themselves and keep their immunity levels high. It’s the first time I am fasting in a way where I eat once a day,” said Vaishali.

“Being a Gujarati, Garba and Dandiya celebrations are what we miss the most. We wait for this festival the entire year and this time it feels as if there’s no energy around. We consider the Navratri period to be the most auspicious time and I just hope things get better soon,” she shared.

Apart from sharing his love for festivals, Dev Joshi of “Baalveer Returns” has urged people to find alternate and safe ways to celebrate the festivals.

“This year has been challenging. I feel we should find different and safer ways to celebrate festivals with our loved ones. We need not let go of our traditions, we only need to follow them a little differently. I would like to encourage each and every one to stay safe and enjoy Navaratri and Dussehra at home with your family. A lot of virtual celebrations are being conducted,” Dev added.


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