Beirut Blast: Indian Journalist Anchal Vohra Escapes With Minor Injuries

Bhubaneswar: Senior journalist Anchal Vohra who is based in Beirut sustained injuries in the defeaning and blinding blast yesterday. At least 100 people have been killed and 4,000 wounded in the deadly blast on Tuesday night.

Anchal’s first Tweet came around 10:30 pm (Indian time) yesterday. It read: “Lebanon bombed. My House bombed . I am bleeding”.

It followed with another message and a photograph (selfie) in which Anchal was in a hospital, but safe.

“At a hospital outside Beirit, brought by a friend who wouldn’t give up and said the cuts on the neck are deep and need to be seen by a doctor.”

Anchal reports about Middle East & South Asia. The Indian journalist writes for several international publications such as Al Jazeera, The Times and The Atlantic. She has worked with DW News and NDTV earlier.

Today, at around 3 PM (Indian time), Anchal posted another photo on Twitter and informed that she was safe. “Dear all, thanks for your good wishes. Meet my Lebanese friends and doctors. We are all okay,” he tweet read.

The cause of the explosion is still unclear. According to sources, one explosion reached a nearby building, triggering a second explosion in the port area of Beirut.

A total of two explosions were reported from Beirut and operations are underway to rescue locals trapped under the debris of structures that fell to the ground after being engulfed in the explosions.

The intensity of the twin blasts can be imagined from the fact that the tremors were felt in Cyprus, around 250 kilometres from Beirut.