5 Most Unsafe Metropolitan Indian Cities

**Bhubaneswar:** When it comes to safety of women in the country, India is an irony. It is a nation that worships celestial women but is also known for how unsafe it is for the living, breathing, working women. Women have been increasingly migrating from smaller towns to metropolitan cities to build a career for themselves but are these ‘big’ cities really safe?

Let us take a look at the 5 most unsafe metropolitan cities in India (according to reported rapes in 2016 complied by National Crime Record Bureau)

**5) Bengaluru**


Popularly considered to be one of the safest cities, people might be surprised to find Bengaluru (capital of Karnataka) in the list. Unfortunately, it is true. As many as 321 rape cases were reported from the city in the year 2016. The city is known for being the Silicon Valley of India and several girls migrate to the city after completing their Engineering degree to secure a job. Stay safe girls!

**4) Jaipur**


The capital of Rajasthan recorded 330 rape cases in 2016. Apart from this, Rajasthan also features high in the list of dowry cases and child marriages. These figures question the effectiveness of the police and administration in the city to provide a safer environment to women in Pink City Jaipur.

**3) Pune**


The sprawling city of Pune in western Indian state of Maharashtra is known as the ‘Oxford of East’ due to the location of several reputed universities in the city. Young girls shift to Pune in order to pursue higher education but might fall in the hands of predators. The city recorded 354 rape cases in 206, according to NCRB.

**2) Mumbai**


‘City of Dreams’ Mumbai might be the go-to destination for building a career in movies and television, but a girl also has to remember that it is the second most unsafe city. Recording over 712 rape cases in 2016, Mumbai is the hub of underworld. Behind the glitter and glamour of Bollywood, lies the ugly face of women safety in the city.

**1) Delhi**


National capital New Delhi’s spot in the list should come as no surprise after the 2012 Nirbhaya gang-rape case. Women in Delhi have talked about not feeling safe in several instances that include walking on the streets, travelling in metros, taking the auto-rickshaws, working late in office etc. With over 1996 rape cases reported in 2016 alone, Delhi has proven to be the most unsafe city for women over several years now.

It is notable to mention here that Indore (179), Nagpur (171), Hyderabad (170), Surat (121) and Ahmedabad (112) feature in positions 6-10 in the list. While people’s mentality to not treat women like objects continues to persist, there is no option with women other than to stay equipped with a pepper spray at all times.