5-Yr-Old Gives New Lease Of Life To Others With Organ Donation

Chennai: A five-year-old child has given new lease of life to a few patients, said MGM Healthcare, a private hospital here.

According to MGM Healthcae, the child met with a road traffic accident in Kallakurichi on August 19, and was admitted to a private hospital in Puducherry.

Later the child was rushed to MGM Healthcare on August 22 where he was declared brain dead the next day.

After an approved brain death certification and following counselling, the child’s family gave consent to donate the child’s organs in order to save the lives of patients suffering from end stage ailments.

The hospital sought approval from the Transplant Authority of Tamil Nadu (Transtan) and after approval, the team at MGM Healthcare harvested the heart, lungs and Liver.

MGM Healthcare has been allotted the patient’s heart and lungs while the liver was dispatched to another hospital which had a matching patient with liver failure.

“It is extremely unfortunate to lose the child at such a tender age. Despite our best efforts, we were not able to save his life. The hospital expresses its heartfelt condolences for the loss and extends its gratitude to the deceased’s family for the generous act of organ donation even during this difficult time,” said malorpavanathan, Head, Transplant Process, and Senior Consultant, Department of Vascular Surgery, MGM Healthcare.