97 Children Taken Ill After Having Water Balls In MP

Bhopal: Ninety-seven children have taken ill after eating water balls (pani puri) at a fair in Singarpur of Madhya Pradesh’s Mandla district.

The children from the nearby villages, who had gone to a fair on Saturday and had pani puri there, complained of stomach pain and vomiting.

Parents of the ailing kids started rushing them to hospital but by the time police got information, the fair was over.

“Number of children complained of stomach pain and vomiting. We have received information about the incident. It was learnt that children who suffered with pain and vomiting had consumed pani-puri at the same stall. Search to identify pani-puri seller is underway,” a police official in Mandla said.

“There were many pani puri stalls. We are trying to find out exact person,” police said.

No casualty has been reported so far and children admitted in the hospital are out of danger.

“A total of 97 children suffering from food poisoning were admitted to hospital in Mandla,” said Dr K R Shakya, who is posted in the medical facility.