Abducted Uttar Pradesh Girl Rescued From Madhya Pradesh

Kanpur: Four months after she went missing, a 20-year-old girl from Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur has been found by police from Morena district in Madhya Pradesh.

The girl told the police that she had been abducted by two persons, Jitendra Gupta and Pawan, in February. The two raped her and then pushed her into prostitution.

The accused duo sold the girl to another person Manoj Sharma of Morena district for Rs 50,000.

The police have arrested Jitendra and Pawan, as well as a woman Neeta, who had assisted the former.

Investigating Officer Brij Kishore Singh said that the accused used to thrash the victim mercilessly if she resisted.

Later, Jitendra called Neeta and sent the girl with her to Jaipur. Thereafter, they sold the girl to Manoj Sharma of Morena district for Rs 50,000, who sexually exploited her.

On June 9, the girl somehow managed to contact her elder sister and shared her location and suffering.

The girl’s elder sister informed the police and the Investigating Officer went to Madhya Pradesh with police personnel and found the girl but Manoj managed to flee.

The police have launched a search for Manoj, who is absconding.