All You Need To Know About Gujarat’s ‘Nutrition Park’ Modi Inaugurated

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is on a 2-day tour of his home state Gujarat, on Friday inaugurated the world’s first ever technology driven nutrition park for children amid other projects.

This sprawling nutrition park is spread over an area of 35,000 sq ft. A Nutri Train runs across the park to various exciting theme based stations namely ‘Phalshaka Griham’, ‘Payonagari’, ‘Annapoorna’, ‘Poshan Puran’, and ‘Swastha Bharatam’. It will raise nutritional awareness through fun means, believes the government.

Prime Minister Modi also took a ride in the ‘Nutri Train’ in Kevadia, which is close to the iconic Statue of Unity. He was accompanied by Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani.

There are more ways available for what the government is calling ‘edutainment’ (which is a combination of education and entertainment) in the park. Activities like Mirror Maze, 5D Virtual reality theatre and augmented reality games are part of that larger scheme of things.

Listed already on ‘Trip Advisor’, “The tour of the park is conducted through a train ride, travelling through various stations equipped with interactive games and activities, including a virtual reality playing arena and much more.” For instance, it says, the station of Milk deals with Milk Processing and making food items from milk.

The nutrition of children is a prime concern not just for parents but for any nation as a whole. This Children’s Nutrition Park, on the lap of the iconic Statue of Unity, which was made in remembrance of Sardar Patel and went on to become a major tourist attraction, will add to that.

Even today, a large chunk of Indian kids are malnourished. Though the government had introduced mid day meal and ISKCON has its own mass meal facility, many a time malnourishment has been found even among financially well off families and the reason is lack of awareness about nutrition.

Through this park, the government hopes to bridge that gap while educating in a fun way.


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