Bookie Chawla Gets Interim Relief From Delhi HC

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court on Friday granted interim relief to Sanjeev Chawla, a key accused in one of cricket’s biggest match fixing scandals.

A single judge bench of the High Court presided by Justice Anu Malhotra said, “The petitioner (Chawla) is directed to be lodged at Tihar jail, Delhi, in terms of the said letter of Home Affairs till further directions of the court.”

The court has also issued a notice to the Centre.

Advocate Vikas Pahwa arguing for Chawla stated, “The extradition proceedings were initiated, I am a UK national. There were letter of assurances given by the Indian government. Indian government has sought extradition of Chawla to face trial in India. Chawla will be held in Tihar jail.”

Pahwa mentions that the prison rules have been mentioned. The magistrate of UK had rejected it. It went to the HC in the UK who sent it back to Westminster court.

Another letter of assurance was given, which said that upon extradition Chawla will be detained within the Tihar jail. It said that specific arrangements shall be made pre-trial and post-trial, Chawla’s legal team stated.



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