Caste-Based Census, Over-Charging By Pvt Hospitals Among Issues Raised In RS

New Delhi:  Caste-based census, reigning in private hospitals for over-charging and erecting 300 feet statue of former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister K. Kamaraj were some of the key issues raised by the members in Rajya Sabha on Friday during Zero hour.

Janata Dal (United) Ram Nath Thakur said that caste-based census should be conducted in 2021 so that everyone from various communities gets their rightful share in government schemes and reservation in jobs.

“We and our Chief Minister Nitish Kumar have been raising the issue of caste-based census. The Supreme Court has also said that there should be a scientific basis for reservations,” Thakur said.

Samajwadi Party leader in the House Ram Gopal Yadav raised the issue of over-charging by private hospitals. He said that the government had fixed the rates for stents and knee transplant but private hospitals have found ways to fleece patients.

Yadav said that private hospitals were charging for stents and knee transplants as fixed by the government but had raised rates for rooms, medicines and tests. He said that room rents by private hospitals range from Rs 10,000 to Rs 2 lakh.

“I urge the government that whether it is stent or knee transplant or any other treatment the private hospitals should charge what AIIMS (All India Institute of Social Sciences) is charging,” the SP leader said.

Vijaya Kumar of AIADMK demanded that a 300 feet statue of Kamaraj be erected in Kanyakumari to recognise his contribution in nation-building.

Raising the issue of minority welfare, SP Rajya Sabha member Javed Ali Khan said the state (UP) government was indifferent to various schemes being run by the Centre for the minority community. He noted that monitoring of the schemes were not being done properly.