Cyclone Vayu Has Delayed Monsoon In Goa: IMD

Panaji :  Cyclone Vayu has passed from the state’s coastline and is heading towards the Gujarat coast, but the cyclone has further delayed the arrival of the monsoon in Goa, state Indian Meteorological Department Director K.V. Padgalwar said on Thursday.

“The cyclone has crossed Goa and is heading towards the Gujarat coastline. Diu, Somnath, Junagadh and Dwarka areas are likely to be affected. The wind speed of the cyclone is nearly 135 kmph to 145 kmph,” Padgalwar told reporters in Panaji.

He said that the cyclone had further delayed the onset of monsoon in the coastal state.

“We had said that monsoon would begin between June 12 and 15, but because of Vayu it would be delayed further by some more days,” he said.