Deepak Saini: A Young Boy Who Defied Physical Amputation & Emerged Triumphant

**Bhubaneswar: **
The life of 21-year-old Deepak Saini from Haryana is a perfect example of how life does not stop after something, but it goes on differently without them.

‘If you stand for a reason, be prepared to stand alone like a tree. And if you fall on the ground, fall like a seed that grows back to fight again. I won’t let adversities bog me down. I will show you my fighting spirit.’ This seems to be the maxim for Deepak.

Deepak hails from Ambala in Haryana. He was 17 years old when he lost his one of his legs in a train accident while he was boarding a train to go to his college at Yamuna Nagar. He slipped near the entrance and fell on the railway tracks following which the train ran over his left leg.

After losing his leg at such a young age, Deepak’s life changed forever. He has bitter memories of that fateful event when instead of helping him and trying to save his life, the people present on the Railway platform were busy clicking pictures and making videos.

After the incident, Deepak was filled with shock, anger, remorse and resentment all at once. He started blaming the doctors who amputated his legs, his parents and his bad luck for the incident.

To him, it seemed that this was the end of the world. After being discharged, he went under depression. Deepak could not see a ray of hope or any positive thing to look forward in life. He had lost something so indispensible to his existence and life seemed like a bed of thorns to him.

But Deepak did not lose courage and resumed normal life after a while. He resumed his college and used crutches to walk. This way, successfully completed his B.Tech. In the meanwhile, he came across a man from Kerala who had a missing limb. He was a famous model and did not consider his physical inability to act as a hindrance in normal way of life. This gave Deepak the confidence that he too can lead a normal life like others, despite his physical deformity.

This episode proved to be a turning point in Deepak’s life. He decided to start the second innings of his life and took up cricket, which had been his passion for long. He started giving cricket trials and faced many rejections initially. But he did not give up. In the meanwhile, DP Singh, India’s first blade runner noticed him in an online video. He invited Deepak to be a part of his marathon group.

Very soon, Deepak started taking part in events where people with similar amputations danced and performed stunts. The new found happiness changed his vision and Deepak realised that nothing is impossible.

Now 21, Deepak has come to terms with his life. He now participates in marathons and plays cricket and basketball. He also recently drove a bike at an event and is also an active member of a community which hosts events for amputees. He says he is in a happy and contented space now. What happened to him cannot be changed so there is no use of him repenting or sulking over it.

The story of Deepak and the trails and tribulations he faced in life show that nothing is impossible in this world. You are your only limit and life is what you make out of it.

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