Do A Surgical Strike On Congress Culture: Shah

**New Delhi: ** BJP President Amit Shah on Friday hit out at the Congress over Sam Pitroda’s remarks on the Pulwama terror attack and urged the voters to do a surgical strike in the Lok Sabha polls against “Congress culture”.

“Difference between the opposition and BJP is clear. They suspect our Army, we are proud of our Army. Their heart beats for terrorists, ours beats for the Tiranga. This election, through the power of your vote, do a surgical strike on the Congress culture,” Shah tweeted using the hashtag “Janta Maaf Nahi Karegi”.

His remarks came in response to Pitroda’s comments on the February 14 Pulwama terror attack that such incidents “happen all the time” and that the UPA government also could have sent planes to Pakistan after the 2008 Mumbai terror attack but “that is not the right approach”.

Pitroda, a close aide of Congress President Rahul Gandhi, heads the Indian Overseas Congress.