Double Murder Triggers Panic In Kolkata

Kolkata: Murder of a 61-year-old person and his driver in the heart of the city at Gariahat in South Kolkata on Sunday night triggered panic. The Kolkata Police homicide department started investigating into the murder and the bodies were sent for post-mortem.

According to the police Subir Chaki (61 years) — presently a resident of New Town came to his ancestral house at Gariahat Kakulia Road with his driver Rabin Mondal (65 years) on Sunday evening.

“According to one of his relatives, Chaki was trying to sell his house and so he went to Gariahat to show the house to one of the buyers. When he didn’t return till late night his family members tried to contact him over the phone but both the phones of Chaki and Mondal were switched off. Desperate family members then informed the Gariahat police station,” a senior officer of Kolkata Police homicide department said.

Responding immediately, police reached Kakulia road and entered the house only to find Chaki’s body lying on the ground floor and Mondal’s body on the first floor.

“The front door was open and the bodies were lying in a pool of blood. There were several wounds – on the neck, throat and ankle — on both the bodies. The bodies have been sent for autopsy,” the officer said.

“Apparently it seemed that there were more than one murderer and they were known to Chaki. Initial investigation shows that the murder is closely related to the property and we are trying to find out whether there was any dispute regarding the property.

“We are also exploring the possibility of some previous enmity that can be the reason behind the murder. We are waiting for the autopsy report and once the report comes in we will be able to find the out the exact cause of the murder,” the officer added.