Draconian Measures Flattened Economy Not Virus: Congress

New Delhi:  Ahead of Rahul Gandhi’s conversation with industrialist Rajiv Bajaj, the Congress has alleged that “the draconian measures have flattened the Indian economy instead of the virus”.

Congress chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said, a consensus is emerging that the “harsh lockdown has been a failure”.

Rahul Gandhi once again called for a compassionate response and the urgent need for the government to listen to stakeholders and experts.

Rahul Gandhi’s conversation with industrialist Rajiv Bajaj on the economic fallout of the lockdown will be released on Thursday at 10 a.m.

Rahul Gandhi in his interaction with Bajaj said, in India if you want to do something, be compassionate and listen. And the country will automatically tell you what it wants. So there are people right now, screaming in pain and the most obvious are, the manual labourers, daily wagers, he said.

Rajiv Bajaj, in a dialogue with Rahul Gandhi said, “We tried to implement a harsh lockdown which was still porous. So I think we have ended up with the worst of both worlds. On one hand a porous lockdown makes sure that the virus will still exist and as you said, it is still waiting to hit you when you will unlock.”

“AlSo you have not solved that problem. But you have definitely decimated the economy. You flattened the wrong curve. It is not the infection curve, it is the GDP curve. This is what we have ended (up) with, the worst of both worlds,” added Bajaj.

The Congress said, “stimulus package does little to rebuild business confidence and has left many with little leeway to bounce back”. The constant back and forth regarding regulations for reopening have left businesses paralyzed, the party said.

This is the fourth interaction of Rahul Gandhi with top economists and industrialists. He has been extremely active across social media for many years now, becoming one of the 10 most followed politicians in the world on Twitter (14.5 million followers), said the statement from the Congress.


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