Exit Poll 2019: News24-Todays Chanakya Survey

Bhubaneswar: As the nation is waiting to know who is going to taste success on May 23, News24 along with Today’s Chanakya attempted to reveal the magical figures to predict will it be Modi government, Congress or Mahagathbandhan that will form the government.

As per News24-Today’s Chanakya prediction NDA will bag around 350 (+/-14) seats, UPA around 95 (+/-9) seats and others around 97 (+/-11) seats.

In Odisha the ruling BJD is predicted to bag 7 ± 3 Seats, BJP 14 ± 3 Seats and Congress along with other NIL.

The Election Commission had earlier directed that the exit polls can only be telecast on May 19, half an hour after the last phase of Lok Sabha election concludes, which is around 6 pm. For the first time, in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the advisory covered websites and social media platforms.