Former Mumbai Top Cop Arup Patnaik Recalls His Memories With Himanshu Roy

**Bhubaneswar:** He was sharp, quick, focussed and magnanimous. Himanshu Roy, the senior Mumbai police officer who allegedly committed suicide at his home today was extremely approachable and one of the most sought after cops in the force, former Mumbai Police Commissioner (CP) Arup Patnaik said. Roy served under Patnaik as the Joint CP (Crime), Mumbai in 2009.

Being so handsome and a fitness freak, Himanshu was naturally a prominent figure in the force. The 1988 batch IPS officer was one of the sharpest in the cadre. Very cool-headed, mature, dependable and popular with the colleagues and sub-ordinates alike, added Patnaik.

“I remember, after cracking Chota Rajan case (Journalist J Dey’s murder), Himanshu dropped at my residence and asked me to announce it. The gesture was not common with senior officers, who prefer to interact with the press directly,” said Patnaik in a exclusive interview to OMMCOM NEWS. “Sir you are the captain of our team so you should declare the arrest,” were Roy’s words.

A Rajput-origin IPS officer, Roy was rated by his peers as classy and sophisticated. “It took Himanshu barely eight hours to arrest the murderer of Purkayastha (lawyer Pallavi Purkayastha, murdered in 2012),” the former Mumbai top cop added. Roy had also served under Patnaik as the General Manager of Maharastra Police Housing Corporation.

Initially, Roy was undergoing treatment at an institution in Pune. “Three months back I referred him to Dr Mishra who advised him to go for a surgery. But his condition had worsened and a surgery was risky at that stage,” Patnaik said, adding that the force lost a very bright officer, who fought till the end.