Fraudster Poses As Elite To Dupe Mobile Phone Dealers, Arrested In Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: Commissionerate of Police on Monday arrested one Soumyajit Mohanty on charges of duping electronic goods dealers by posing as an aristrocrat.

The accused, Mohanty used to call up mobile phone dealers and order expensive handsets by posing as a government official or the CEO of a fortune 500 company.

The gullible shop owners were somehow convinced and fell into the trap of Mohanty. They later delivered expensive mobile phones without collecting any money in return. The fraudster committed to pay the money later.

The fraud was exposed after the owner of a shop at a shopping mall in Sahid Nagar reported the matter to police. Further investigation revealed that Mohanty had taken a number of hand loands from acquaintances by giving these costly items as mortgage.

The Special Squad has recovered five Apple iphone 11 from his possession apart from a desktop computer, a laptop and one printer. He has been booked under multiple Sections of the IPC and forwarded to the court.

Anup Sahoo, DCP, Bhubaneswar

Valena Valentina, Karate player

Nikunja Khemani, Victim


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