Girl Gang Raped By Minors In K’taka, 6 Taken To Custody

Dharwad (Karnataka) : Karnataka police have taken six boys into custody for the gang rape of a 17-year-old girl after they blackmailed her of making her private video viral in Dharwad district, sources said on Monday.

The preliminary inquiries have revealed that the girl was gang raped for over three months by the accused. The parents of the girl have lodged a complaint with Shahar police station in Dharwad on Sunday in this regard.

After taking the boys into custody, they were sent to a remand home, where they are being questioned.

According to the police, the victim was in love with one of the accused minors. When she was in a private moment with him, the other boys recorded the video.

Later, blackmailing the girl that they would make the video viral, the accused continuously gang raped her and also shared the video which has gone viral among their contacts.

In her statement, the victim said that she was in love with a neighbourhood boy and he forcefully had sex with her.

The girl did not reveal about her ordeal, blackmailing and sexual assault by the gang of minors fearing that her video would go viral on social media.

The police are investigating the case.