How A ‘Car Theft’ Call Led To Busting Of Vehicle Loan Racket

New Delhi: A desperate attempt to outwit the Delhi Police landed a man and his close aide in jail after the mastermind made a call to the police saying his luxury car had been stolen at gunpoint by robbers.

However, when the police team from KN Katju Marg reached the spot and studied the minute details of the theory put forward by the caller, they found several loopholes in it.

“During the course of investigation, the complainant could not explain from where he had arranged money to purchase a costly luxury car. This raised suspicion over his version and the police started investigating the background and financial status of the complainant.

“Sources confirmed that no such incident took place and the complainant is in fact a member of a racket involved in cheating various financial institutions and banks,” said A.P.K. Mishra, DCP Rohini.

It was revealed that the real name of the complainant is Sumit Jaiswal and he had purchased the said car using a forged ID.

The complainant told that he had fabricated the forged ID and documents with the help of his known persons namely Raj Gupta and another man, who also helped him obtain a loan for his above said car from the bank. Jaiswal said that he had hatched a criminal conspiracy and cooked up a false story with Raj Gupta.

After the police arrested Jaiswal, his associate Raj Gupta was also nabbed. The police have also recovered one printing machine used to create fake IDs, many plastic cards to make forged Aadhaar card, PAN card, voter ID and credit card in the name of ‘Ankur Gupta’ from the possession of the accused, which indicates that he was actively involved in such kind of cheating cases.

Certified documents of account have also been obtained from the bank and the account was found in the name of a fictitious man, thus the accused had created a forged ID and opened an account in that name to obtain a vehicle loan on forged documents.


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