Humanity First: Nadda Asks Public To Make Way For Ambulance During Roadshow

Midnapore:  Putting social service before politics, J.P. Nadda, National President, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), on Tuesday stopped his packed road show to make way for an ambulance in Midnapore, West Bengal.

Nadda saw an ambulance during his packed roadshow during the poll campaign in West Bengal and asked the crowds to make way for it to pass.

Nadda was campaigning in West Midnapore when the incident took place. Driving a very hectic schedule, Nadda had released the BJP manifesto in Assam in the morning.

Nadda was giving a speech towards the end of the roadshow when he spotted an ambulance stuck on the road as there were huge crowds for his roadshow.

Immediately, he asked the crowd and supporters to make way for the ambulance. As soon as the ambulance passed, the supporters cheered Nadda with a round of applause,

Social media also applauded Nadda for the gesture. Twitterati commented that no election or roadshow is bigger than humanity. Twitter comments said Nadda has shown that social service is the first principle of politics.