Idgah Maidan Row: If Ganesh Festival Is Not Allowed, Offering Namaz Will Also Be Questioned, Says CT Ravi

Bengaluru:The Idgah Maidan row surfaced again in Bengaluru on Wednesday after BJP’s national general secretary C.T. Ravi said that if Ganesh festival cannot be celebrated in the ground, allowing offering namaz there will also be questioned.

Talking to reporters here, BJP MLA Ravi said the Idgah Maidan belongs to the revenue department, and the decisions pertaining to the ground have to be taken by it.

The celebration of Ganesh festival began during the British rule, he claimed.

“When permission is denied for installing Ganesh idol in the premises of Idgah Maidan, it becomes a matter of rights. The revenue department will have to take a call over granting permission. And I would say that permission should be given,” Ravi said.

“I request the authorities to accord permission for the Ganesh festival. If it is denied, questions will be raised as to how can people be allowed to offer namaz there? If namaz is allowed, Ganesh festival should also be allowed,” Ravi said.

Ganesh festival will be celebrated from August 31 all over the country. Hindu organisations are preparing to celebrate the festival in the premises of Idgah Maidan, which has turned into a controversial site.

Congress MLA Zameer Ahamad Khan had said that Ganesh festival celebration should not allowed at the Idgah Maidan.