In ‘Deep Distress’ Due To Nitish’s Comment, Says BJP Woman MLA

Patna: BJP MLA Nikki Hembrom said she is “under deep distress” due to Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s remark on her physical personality on Friday.

Hembrom, who represents Katoria Assembly constituency (ST) in Banka district, said that she had pointed out an issue related to the condition of tribal people in Bihar during the legislative party meeting of the NDA here on Monday.

According to her, the Chief Minister, during the meeting, stopped her in the middle of a sentence and said that she is beautiful but she do not go to her Assembly constituency, adding that the state government has launched so many welfare initiatives for tribal people but she is saying just the opposite.

“I had pointed out the issue of Mahua farming in the state. The tribals are dependent on Mahua farming for many years. It is their sole source of earning but as the state government banned Mahua farming to make liquor ban successful in the state, the tribal people, as a result, have reached at the stage of starvation. The state government has not given any alternative jobs to them to earn for their livelihood,” Hembrom said.

“The remark of the Chief Minister on my physical status is derogatory. I cannot repeat it in public again. He is senior to me but his remark deeply hurt me. I put my point before the party legislative meeting in Patna on Tuesday,” she added.

Sources said that Deputy Chief Minister Tar Kishore Prasad tried to suppress the issue during the closed-door meeting but as other MLAs supported her, BJP state President Sanjay Jaiswal realised the situation could turn out to be tense, and gave assurance to Hembrom that he will make the top party leadership aware of the situation.

“I have put my point before the party’s top leadership and am waiting for a reply,” Hembrom said.