India Vs Pakistan: Who Has More Military Strength?

**Bhubaneswar:** The two neighboring countries of India and Pakistan have been at loggerheads over the past few weeks. After the martyrdom of 44 CRPF jawans in a JeM suicide bomber mission, India retaliated by launching air strike on the biggest terror camp of Jaish in Balakot. Pakistan then sent its fighter jet across LoC which India claims to have shot down. In the meanwhile, one Indian jet crashed in Pakistan and the IAF pilot has been taken into custody there. Situations have been tense ever since.

With tension mounting, let us have a look at the strength of both the countries’ militaries: (The numbers are based on a report by Institute of Strategic Studies and published by Al Jazeera)

**Military budget**

* India: 58 billion dollars (2.1 percent of its gross domestic product)
* Pakistan: 11 billion dollars (3.6 percent of its GDP)

**Missiles and nuclear warheads**

* India: 130-140. India has nine types of missiles, including the Agni-3 with a range of 3000 km to 5000 km.
* Pakistan: 140-150. With Chinese assistance, Pakistan’s missile programme includes many mobile short and medium-range weapons. The Shaheen 2 has the longest range up to 2000 km.



* India: 12 lakh personnel. India has 3565 battle tanks, 3436 armoured personnel carriers /infantry fighting vehicles and 9719 pieces of artillery.
* Pakistan- 560,000 troops. Pakistan has 2496 tanks, 1605 armoured personnel carriers /infantry fighting vehicles and 4472 artillery guns.

**Air Force**

* India: 127,200 personnel with 814 combat aircrafts.
* Pakistan: 78,000 personnel with 425 combat aircraft.


* India: 67,700 personnel with 16 submarines, 27 destroyers/frigates, 106 patrol and coastal vessels, and 75 combat-capable aircraft.
* Pakistan: 27,000 personnel with 8 submarines, 9 frigates, 17 patrol and coastal vessels, and 8 combat-capable aircraft.


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