Indore-Patna Express Collides With truck At Crossing In Amethi

**Lucknow:** The Indore-Patna Express hit a truck at the Newada railway crossing in Amethi district late Friday, police said.

The truck was mangled into pieces due to the impact of the collision though it is yet not known on how many people were there in it.

The truck was going to Haliapur from Kadunala when the accident took place around 8:45 p.m., police said.

The crossing was open at the time the train was to pass, sources said. The truck was laden with sacks of cement. Hundreds of sacks were dragged for more than 200 meters entangled in the coaches of the train.

Two high tension wires of the railways were also damaged in the accident. Senior officials have rushed to the scene of the accident to clear the tracks, sources said.



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