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Javadekar On TRPs: Can’t Measure The Opinion Of 22 Cr People From Meters At 50,000 Houses

New Delhi: Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar on Monday asked journalism students not to get caught up in sensational and TRP-centric journalism. The Minister also said that TRP-focused journalism can never be good. One can’t gauge the opinion of 22 crore people from meters installed in just 50,000 houses.

Inaugurating the orientation programme of the Indian Institute of Mass Communications (IIMC) for the academic session 2020-21, Javadekar said, “Journalism is a responsibility, not a tool to mislead people. If your story is based on facts, drama Or sensation are not required.”

The Union Minister emphasised upon the need to ensure healthy journalism skills by saying that whatever good is happening in society, must also find a place in the news. He expressed regret over the media not coming out with positive stories. “There are a lot of positive stories in society too, but sadly no one in the media has time to publish them.”

Giving illustrations of positive stories and creative journalism Javadekar said black marketing of fertilisers has reduced since the introduction of neem-coating. “Also, regular accidents at unmanned railway crossings are reducing and there is a sea change in the railways on the cleanliness front too. About 5,000 railway stations now have Wi-Fi facilities and about 100 airports have begun to make profits. Isn’t all this also news?” asked the Minister.



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