‘JD-U Ship Sailing, Not Sinking’: Lalan Singh Hits Out At R.C.P. Singh

Patna, Aug 7:  In wake of former Union Minister R.C.P. Singh’s attack on the JD-U while submitting his resignation from the party on Saturday, JD-U national President Rajiv Ranjan Singh alias Lalan Singh hit out at him, accusing him of serving as a tool to damage the party’s prospects.

The JD-U’s ship is sailing, not sinking, he said in response to R.C.P. Singh’s jibe.

“Yes, it is true that some of the people tried to make the hole in the bottom of ship to make it sink but we spotted it within time and repaired it,” Lalan Singh said while accusing R.C.P. Singh of damaging the party but “our leader Nitish Kumar spotted his activities and did appropriate treatment”.

Earlier on Saturday, R.C.P. Singh said that the JD-U is a sinking ship as he also gave his resignation from the primary membership.

Lalan Singh said: “R.C.P. Singh has his body in the JD-U but his heart is somewhere else. During the 2020 Assembly election, Chirag (Chirag Paswan) model was used to conspire against the JD-U to damage Nitish Kumar. This was the reason why our party reached 43 seats. This time, they were using R.C.P. Singh to do a conspiracy against Nitish Kumar. Our leader has spotted it within time and destroyed their conspiracy.”

“We have every proof about the conspiracy being done against Nitish Kumar and the JD-U. It will be disclosed publicly when time comes.

“RCP Singh was not a friend when our party was struggling. He does not know anything about the struggle. He does not know about the Samta Party. He was a friend of the ruling party. In 2005, he came to the Chief Minister’s house as a secretary of Nitish Kumar. In 2009, he was wanting to contest the Lok Sabha election but Nitish Kumar refused. In 2010, R.C.P. Singh said that he wanted to go to Rajya Sabha and Nitish Kumar sent him. Who knows R.C.P. Singh? It was Nitish Kumar who gave him political identity and trusted him for a long time,” Lalan Singh said.

Noting R.C.P. Singh claimed he became the national President of the party, he said that is “absolutely false”.

“It was Nitish Kumar who vacated the post for R.C.P. Singh and gave the responsibility of national President. At present Nitish Kumar is the owner of the JD-U. He made me national President of the party. I am a caretaker of the party and not the owner. He (R.C.P. Singh) was projecting himself like an owner which was absolutely wrong. He cheated Nitish Kumar and the JD-U,” Lalan Singh said.