Kidnapping For Ransom: Data Shows Fluctuating Figures In Delhi

New Delhi: The incident of an attempt to kidnap a minor child in East Delhi’s Shakarpur has again brought the heinous crime into the spotlight. Though the child’s mother fought with the criminals and thwarted the kidnapping attempt by two bikers as the neighbours too joined in, the focus again shifted to the kidnapping cases in the country’s capital.

The incident has been reported at a time when Delhi is busy with preparations for Independence Day and security has been beefed up.

The data of Delhi police shows that till June 30 this year, eight cases of kidnapping were reported.

This includes the months in which the national capital witnessed the lockdown.

In comparison to 2019, till June 30 at least 8 cases of kidnapping for ransom were reported.

Giving a glimpse into the cases of kidnapping for ransom in the last 10 years in the national capital, the data shows that the numbers have been fluctuating from as high as 38 in a year to as low as 15.

While in 2011, the total number of kidnappings for ransom cases reported were 25, in 2012, it saw a marginal decline as 21 cases were reported.

The year 2013 saw a surge in such cases and a total of 30 cases were reported in various police stations of Delhi.

In 2014, the cases shot up to 38, registering a steep rise, while in 2015 nothing much changed and a slight decrease was noticed as 36 cases were registered in Delhi.

In 2016, the cases of kidnapping for ransom reported were 23 and in 2017, the data showed only 16 cases.

In 2018, the cases registered for the offence were 19 while 2019 saw the minimum number of cases at 15.

So, in the last decade the maximum number of kidnapping for ransom cases, 38, were registered in Delhi in 2014 while the lowest number of cases – 15 – were recorded in 2019.

In some cases it turned out that persons known to the victims were behind the act.

The motive is usually to demand a hefty ransom and convince the kin of the victim not to call the police.

In the Shakarpur case, with the brave efforts of the mother and neighbours, the police managed to solve the case and arrest the main accused who turned out to be the uncle of the 4-year-old child.


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