K’taka Woman Wins Covid Battle After Spending 104 Days On Ventilator

Koppal (Karnataka):  In a miraculous turn of events, a woman, whose lungs were 96 per cent affected by coronavirus, has fully recovered from the infection after spending 104 days on a ventilator in Karnataka’s Koppal district.

Geetha Bai, 46, from the Boduru village of Yelburga taluk fought and won an impossible battle against the deadly coronavirus. She was discharged from the hospital on Tuesday.

The woman had been treated for a total 158 days in the hospital. When all had lost hopes on her, the woman after spending 2,500 hours on a ventilator in the ICU has recovered fully.

Koppal district hospital authorities said that it is the first case of recovery from Covid infection after a prolonged treatment of 158 days in the state. If 80 per cent lungs are affected during Covid infection, the survival chances are bleak for patients, said doctors.

Geetha Bai’s lungs were infected 96 per cent. She was admitted to the district government hospital on July 3 in a bad condition and her health was sagging day after day. The doctors took it as a challenge and administered treatment.

Usually, Covid patients come out of the ventilator from one week to 90 days when the situation is critical. Geeta Bai, who spent 104 days on a ventilator, utilised 10 liters of oxygen every day. Even as she has been discharged now, Geetha Bai continues to face breathing issues and needs oxygen support.

Dr Venugopal, the senior doctor who monitored the treatment, said that the medical treatment will be more effective if the patient is optimistic and shows courage in all situations. Even after five months of hospitalisation, the patient didn’t lose hope and got a new lease of life. Geetha Bai is a healthy person who wasn’t a diabetic or suffered any other disease.

Geetha Bai was infected with corona after coming back from a village fair. Initially, she was treated at home and by the time of admission to hospital, she was facing severe breathing problems.