Lalan Singh Elected New JD(U) Chief, Supporters Celebrate

Patna:  The Janata Dal United JD(U) office in Patna turned into a celebration venue for party members and leaders after Munger MP Rajiv Ranjan Singh alias Lalan Singh was elected the national president of the party on Saturday evening.

IANS on Friday had reported that Lalan Singh is the most probable leader for this post.

Singh was elected as party president in the party executive committee meeting held in its New Delhi Jantar Mantar office in the presence of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Saturday.

Earlier, Union minister R.C.P. Singh, who was the national president of the party, left the post to follow the one person one post policy of the party after he was inducted into the Union cabinet.

Following the announcement of the new party chief, Singh’s supporters including MLC and chief spokesperson Neeraj Kumar, Sanjay Singh and other leaders congratulated each other and distributed sweets in Patna JD(U) office.

The party members also replaced the posters of Nitish Kumar and R.C.P. Singh with the posters of Nitish Kumar and Lalan Singh.

However, a section of the Upendra Kushwaha camp is not happy with the new development. Kushwaha’s supporters believe that the party has not taken the decision keeping in view its future prospects. If Upendra Kushwaha would have been elected as the new national president, it would strengthen the Lav-Kush equation in the state.