Leopard Dies By Electrocution In UP

Saharanpur (Uttar Pradesh):  A 3-year-old female leopard was killed after it came into contact with high-tension cable in the Shivalik range, near Mohand area.

The officials said it appeared that the leopard was perched on a tree and tried to attack its prey when it came in contact with the high-voltage electric wire.

Shweta Sain, DFO, Shivalik Range, Saharanpur, said, “By the time we reached, the leopard was already dead.

There were some burnt marks near the ear which suggest death by electrocution but it will be confirmed only after the autopsy report comes.”

Rajesh Kumar, divisional forest officer (DFO), Meerut, said, “Since the leopards thrive in forest fringes, cane fields often become their breeding habitat. However, during the harvest season their habitat gets destroyed and they come out in the open.”