Lockdown Blues: Man Pulls Cart In Place Of Ox To Reach Home

Bhopal: As the Centre and the State governments are busy trying to get back the migrant workers back to their home, there are still many stranded in different parts of the country. With no work and no money, they try to reach back to their village without waiting for any aid.

Such a migrant labourer was seen re-running a famous scene from Bollywood classic ‘Do Bigha Zameen’. He was seen walking along an ox pulling a cart carrying his family members.

They family members were taking turns (including woman member) to pull the cart towards their village as they were short of an ox. They covered 800- km journey from Maharashtra’s Nanded to Rewa in Madhya Pradesh.

Similar scenes have been seen across the. country as thousands of migrant workers were seen combating the hardships to reach their villages amidst the national lockdown.


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