Maha Cabinet Mini-Expansion Today To ‘Sail Through’ Legislature Session

Mumbai:  Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde will carry out a mini-cabinet expansion, 40 days after he ran a 2-man government along with Bharatiya Janata Party’s Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis, here on Tuesday.

Nationalist Congress Party’s Leader of Opposition said that the cabinet expansion will be on a small scale to enable smooth conduct of the upcoming Legislature Session.

“Fadnavis called me to inform and also invited me to attend the oath ceremony. I shall be present there,” Pawar told mediapersons.

As per available indications, around a dozen MLAs from both the Shinde Group and BJP are set to join the first fledgling cabinet team to be augmented by the CM.

The move follows pressures from the ruling allies and pinpricks from the Opposition NCP, Congress, Shiv Sena, and others.