Meet The Boy Who Slept On Railway Platforms But Cracked UPSC Through Hard Work

**Bhubaneswar: ** The harder you work for something, the greater you will feel when you achieve it. Hard work pays off as long as you believer in yourself. That is the only mantra to success.

M. Sivaguru Prabhakara of Melaottankodu village in Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu had dreams of becoming an engineer. However, his aspirations were nipped in the bud because of family conditions- an alcoholic father and a mother who worked hard to earn bread for the family. His elder sister and mother used to sell coconut fronds for earning a livelihood and making ends meet.

All this forced Prabhakara to take up the job of an operator at a sawmill. He also did farming to increase the family earning. While working for the fulfilment of his family’s needs, he also saved money for his education.

Prabhakara used his earnings to pay the fee of his younger brother’s engineering course and also for his elder sister’s marriage. In the same year, he joined in a civil engineering course at the Thanthai Periyar Government Institute of Technology, Vellore.

After joining this course, Prabhakara toiled like there is no tomorrow. His entire focus shifted towards cracking the IIT-Madras Entrance Examination. He used to travel to Chennai every weekend for training. With no place to rest or stay in Chennai, he used to spend nights at St. Thomas Mount Railway Station.

His dedication and hard work bore fruits when he successfully cracked the IIT-Madras entrance and scored an overall CGPA of 9.0 in his masters. He finished his M.Tech in 2014 and then decided to appear for the prestigious UPSC exams.

All the while, he was constantly juggling between part-time jobs and studying for examinations. Alas, Prabhakara was able to crack the UPSC in his fourth attempt.

People like Prabhakara make us believe that nothing is impossible if one is focused, dedicated and firm-minded. The struggles of his life and the way he emerged triumphant over has set a predecent and will continue to inspire many more in the future.

His story very beautifully depicts that one must always believe in dreaming big and never get bogged down by adversities. A setback may be painful, but it is always the set for a comeback.


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