More Men Died Of Covid-19 Than Women: Gurugram Health Dept

Gurugram:  The number of men dying of Covid-19 infection is more than almost double the number of women in Gurugram, according to a District Health department report.

The District Health department had audited the deaths of 910 Covid patients till July 4. According to the report, of the 910 Covid-infected patients who died, 621 were men while the number of women was 289.

As per this report, among the patients who died due to Covid-19 infection in the district were between 61 to 80 years.

Two hundred twenty-nine people who died of Covid-19 were between 61 to 70 years. Of these, 153 were males and 76 were females, the report said.

Similarly, among several deceased Covid patients, 213 were between 71 and 80 years. Of these 144 were men and 69 were women.

The Gurugram Health department report said none died of Covid-19 between 0 to 20 years. However, 14 deceased persons were between 21 and 30 years. Of these, eight were men and six were women.

Moreover, 75 people who died of the infection were between 31 to 40 years. Of these 58 were men and 17 were women.

Till July 4, 120 Covid-infected people who succumbed were between 41 and 50 years. Of these, 84 were men and 36 were women. At the same time, 141 of the deceased victims were between 51 and 60 years. Of these 89 were men and 52 were women.

The report revealed that among the Covid-infected patients who died, 593 were already suffering from other serious ailments. Of these, 82 suffered from pre-diabetic disease, 22 from cancer and 33 from heart disease. Fifty people were already suffering from hypertension, 14 had problems related to kidney and six persons had liver disease.

Twenty-six of the deceased patients had pre-existing lung disease and seven were suffering from mental diseases. As per the report, 337 deceased had multiple co-morbidities and 16 infected patients who died had minor ailments other than Covid-19. There were only 317 people among the deceased who only suffered from Covid-19 and not from any other serious disease.