No ‘Escape’ For Naidu, Narayana In Land Grabbing Case: YSRCP Plaintiff

Amaravati:  Alla Ramakrishna Reddy, Mangalagiri MLA and the plaintiff in the alleged land grabbing case involving former chief minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu and education baron P. Narayana, claimed that there is no escape route for the accused in this case.

“Under any circumstances, these two cannot escape from this (alleged land grabbing case). Why he cannot escape is because we procured the note files under RTI. On the government orders you may not find Naidu’s or Narayana’s signatures but the note file definitely bear their signatures,” claimed Reddy.

He alleged that the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) supremo hatched a big conspiracy as the chairman of the Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA), along with Narayana as its vice chairman during his tenure as CM between 2014 and 2019.

“We did an in depth study as to how they stole land from Dalits, violating laws. After procuring all the proofs and evidence, I submitted those papers to the CID officials and requested them to file an FIR on February 24,” claimed the Mangalagiri MLA.

According to Reddy, the previous TDP government allegedly indulged in land grabbing from Dalits to the tune of 500 acres in Mangalagiri constituency alone and up to 3,500 acres in Tadikonda constituency.

He claimed that the alleged land grabbing amounts to 4,000 acres in both these constituencies, relying on the information he is privy to.

“Before announcing the capital prior to December 2014, Naidu told his close contacts and made sure that they forcibly grabbed Dalits’ lands by threatening them that they may not even get a package (compensation) and that there is no other option for them but to hand over their lands,” Reddy alleged.

The Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress Party (YSRCP) MLA, who trounced Naidu’s son Nara Lokesh in the high stakes Mangalagiri 2019 Assembly election, claimed that more land was grabbed in addition to the Dalits lands such as zamindar lands, government lands, endowments lands and others.

He also alleged that Naidu made sure that these wrested lands went to his own people and close contacts, including allegedly issuing an order, GOS 41 in February 2016.

“He forcibly wrested lands from Dalits by threatening them and without giving them any package and gave those lands to his people along with a package,” Reddy alleged.

The YSRCP leader claimed that Guntur district revenue officials were pressurized for these activities, including allegedly tampering with the revenue records.

He claimed that Mangalagiri sub-registrar officials were manipulated to transfer land to Naidu’s close contacts which were not allowed to be sold or transferred according to the 1977 POT Act.

“People may think that Naidu can manage institutions and escape but he cannot escape in this case,” Reddy asserted.

He claimed that the note files he procured through RTI are a treasure trove of evidence along with the mentioning of dates but declined to take anymore names claiming that they would emerge in the investigation.

“Not just Naidu, Narayana, revenue and registration officials but also the buyers of these lands who violated the rules will also surface as the culprits,” the MLA said.

He asserted that this case is completely different from the insider trading case in which Naidu managed to get gag orders.

“That’s why I called for a comprehensive probe as I produced evidence along with note files wherever they superseded the GOMS 40 and POT Act without discussing in the cabinet. In those note files, the signatures of Naidu, Narayana and all the officials are clearly visible,” Reddy claimed.

However, the TDP’s national general secretary Lokesh claimed that the Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy-led Andhra Pradesh government has allegedly stooped to the lowest level by filing an SC/ST atrocities case in this particular instance against Naidu and Narayana.

He alleged that the government has resorted to this move out of sheer frustration over the deadlock in shifting the capital city.

“Reddy’s silly cases are just laughable and they would not be able to do any damage to the TDP chief,” claimed Lokesh.

He claimed that the current Andhra CM may come up with any number of devious plans to kill Amaravati, however, the “pious capital would save and preserve itself on the strength of justice and ethical values.”

“They tried very hard for over 21 months and finally failed to find evidence to book Naidu in the Capital lands cases. Now, they lowered themselves to the cheap level of threatening a former CM with SC/ST atrocities case,” claimed the TDP leader.

He accused Reddy of sticking to his policies only to make people believe in his illogical and meaningless ideas.

“Jagan Reddy has not learnt any lessons though the courts have passed strictures against his Government in the cases pertaining to the lands in Amaravati,” he claimed.