No Place For Cremation, Burial In Flood-Hit Silchar

Guwahati: The residents in Assam’s Silchar city are facing problems as all the crematory and burial grounds are submerged in water due to floods.

People were seen waiting with the lifeless bodies of their loved ones in the buildings, desperately looking for help. Some were carrying the bodies in makeshift boats in search of burial grounds.

Till now, there has been no respite for the citizens despite cumulative efforts of the district administration, NDRF, SDRF, and the Air Force.

The flood situation remains unchanged despite a slight decrease in the water level of Barak River.

Citizens of Silchar are still in desperate need of drinking water and food, thousands of them are still trapped inside buildings with the lower floor completely submerged.

Although the district administration is trying to airdrop the relief material packets, citizens are not able to collect those as the packages are seen falling on water due to the lack of plain rooftops or ground to drop those.

The Army, CRPF, BSF, NDRF, and the SDRF are continuing the rescue operations.