Other MPs Fear Losing Ticket, So They Do Not Speak: Varun Gandhi

Pilibhit (UP) : BJP MP Varun Gandhi has said that he is the only one who raises the issue of increasing the MSP (Minimum Support Price) for sugarcane, but other MPs and MLAs do not have the courage to talk about it.

He said his party colleagues do not raise such issues as they fear that they will not be given tickets in the next election.

Varun is in his constituency Pilibhit and was talking to local reporters in Bahedi assembly segment.

“Those leaders fear that they will not get (poll) tickets. If the voice of the people is not raised by the public representatives, then who will raise it? It makes no difference to me if I do not get a poll ticket. My mother has won elections as an independent candidate. I will only say the truth while governments come and go,” he said.

Varun further said he is a ‘revolutionary’ leader in the sense that he cannot see injustice being done to people.

“Whatever help I extend to people is from his own money, be it giving sports equipment to youngsters in villages or giving financial assistance to temples,” he said.

Meanwhile, in a letter to Pilibhit district magistrate Pulkit Khare, Varun Gandhi alleged that money is being extorted from traders for the ‘Bansuri Mahotsav’ (flute festival) being organised in the district.

The district magistrate has not reacted so far on the issue.

Traders have alleged that the local administration has taken money from them to organise the festival.

The BJP MP said the traders met him in Delhi recently and briefed him on the issue.

“I am strongly against the practice of organising such events while banking on traders. Traders now are in a very bad shape. I and my mother have always considered the people of Pilibhit as our family members,” he said.”