Peace On The Sea Does Not Happen By Accident: Us Navy Chief

Mumbai: Peace on the sea does not happen by accident, visiting US Navy chief, Admiral Michael Gilday said on Friday.

In a speech during his visit to India’s Western Naval Command, he said that our economies, values and cultures are more connected to the sea than ever before.

“Providing a safe, secure and stable maritime system is an imperative to all mankind.

“Though our nations’ may have different histories, cultures and geographies, as sailors, we are united by the sea. Cooperation between our navies ensures that our most vital resource – seawater – is shared sustainably and responsibly,” he said, in the speech live-streamed to the Indian Navy.

Gilday said the price of peace and prosperity is maintaining a vigilant watch on, under, and above the sea.

“Safe and secure seas cannot be preserved without a strong maritime force,” he said.

“You see, providing a safe, secure, and stable maritime system is an imperative to all of mankind – and not just our two countries. It is an essential part of what our navies and coast guards do, day-in and day-out.”

He said that it is a responsibility with truly global consequences.

“It cannot be taken for granted… peace on the sea does not happen by accident,” Gilday said, also adding that cooperation, when applied with naval power, promotes freedom and peace and prevents coercion, intimidation, and aggression.

“Our relationship is unwavering. The US Navy is committed to maintaining a steady course of naval cooperation and growing the connections between our two navies. I am committed to that. Without a doubt, our greatest strength lies in unity.”

During his visit, Gilday also met Western Naval Command chief, Vice Admiral Hari Kumar, where they discussed areas for mutual cooperation and reaffirmed the growing level of naval collaboration and partnership between the two nations.

This visit to Mumbai is the last stop during Gilday’s five-day visit to India.