Plucky Woman Battles Robber In Nashik SBI Counter

Nashik (Maharashtra):  A young woman who courageously fought off a knife-wielding robber at a State Bank of India (SBI) Grahak Seva Kendra has become a local hero, officials said on Friday.

Savita Murtadak was alone in the SBI-GSK premises in Ashok Nagar area of Nashik on May 17 around lunch time when a knife-wielding robber with his face covered suddenly entered, locking the door from inside.

When Savita demanded to know why he had locked the door, he pointed to the knife, promised not to harm her if she kept quiet and lunged at a cash box.

Though scared initially, the thin, frail and small-framed woman tried to stop him, caught his hand and bit him sharply.

In pain, the robber pushed Savita who fell a few feet away. She got up and pounced on him, pushing him at least twice on the floor.

She tried to escape and lock up the robber inside but he stopped her, and even smashed her mobile.

Savita again tried to pull his leg and pin him down but the man pushed her aside. Apparently taken back by her spirited fight, he escaped without completing his robbery.

Once he ran out, he locked her inside. She was rescued later by others including nearby shopkeepers. The police were alerted.

“The total amount he managed to lay his hands on was only Rs 40,000. He could have taken away much more if I had not stopped him… All the cash belongs to poor farmers or middle-class people,” Savita told mediapersons on Friday.

A police officer told IANS: “The incident occurred nearly 14 days ago. We have arrested the robber, 28-year-old Sangram P. Paras, from Malegaon.”

Meanwhile, as the CCTV footage in the SBI-GSK went viral on social media on Friday, Savita has become a hero. Police officials admired her courage.