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PM’s Subtle Pitch For ‘Vocal For Local’ In Lucknow University Address

New Delhi:  While making a virtual address on the occasion of the Centennial Foundation Day of Lucknow University, PM Narendra Modi on Wednesday, made a subtle but strong pitch for his pet ideas “vocal for local” and “self-reliant India”.

While praising the long-standing legacy of the university, the PM said that the premiere educational institution can analyse local skills and make value addition to local products.

“Why shouldn’t our universities analyse local skills? Our universities can also conduct research on local products and also how value addition and modern technology can be used for those products. Branding, marketing, and strategies related to the management of such local products can also be part of your academic course,” said the Prime Minister.

Making a point, signalling towards ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’, he added, how urea production has seen a turnaround to meet domestic demand. “Earlier our factories were not able to produce urea according to the needs of our market and there was also black marketing of urea. But today our factories are working in full capacity and efficiency and we are able to meet the domestic demand of Urea,” he said.

Asking the students to believe in themselves, despite individuals who would be out there to demotivate them, the Prime Minister stressed that the university is more than just a centre of higher education. Pitching for a win-win formula, he told students, “Do things that will benefit you personally and benefit your country as-well”. As an advice, he urged them to keep positivity in their thoughts and possibility in their approach, alive.

Making a strong pitch for change, PM Modi said that those who create roadblocks for change are those who believe any change will bring disruption and discontinuity. He also mentioned the much-touted National Education Policy. “By the time the country completes 75 years of independence, the new education policy should be widely part of our education system.”

Earlier, he thanked the Lucknow University for providing a slew of great personalities to modern India, during its long journey. He also released a special stamp and Rs 100 coin to commemorate the Centennial Foundation Day of Lucknow University.



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