Rape Horror: 4-Month-Old Raped & Murdered In Indore

21 April 2018

Sangita Agarwal

Indore: The crime of brutally raping and murdering minors has been looming large in the nation with Kathua rape, Surat rape, Unnao rape, and several such incidents reported from different parts of the nation in the last few days. As if minors were not enough, the sickening crime has shifted its paradigm to infants.

Reports are coming in from Indore that a four month old baby was raped and murdered in the wee hours of Thursday by a person known to his family. The accused is now in police custody.

The parents of the baby are balloon sellers and were sleeping with the victim on the porch with several other men and women outside Rajwada, Indore’s cultural and business nerve centre. She was abducted by the accused around 4.45 am, who took him towards a commercial complex as seen in a CCTV footage.

The infant’s body was later discovered by a shopkeeper hours later when he went to the basement to open his shop. The body’s private parts were injured and the stairs were smeared with blood. The autopsy report confirmed the savage sexual assault, and said the infant died due to head injuries.

It is even reported that policemen who conducted preliminary examination of the infant’s ravaged body and the crime were “nearly moved to tears”. The victim’s body was carried away in a little bundle.

SI Trolik Singh Varkade of Sarafa police station has been suspended as he failed to inform seniors of the heinous crime in his area.

There seems to be no end to India’s rape shame, with each case more chilling than the previous one.

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