Rare Bird Spotted In UP’s Gorakhpur

Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh):  An architect has spotted Greenish Warbler, a migratory bird that flies in from Europe to North India every year in August.

The bird was spotted by architect Anupam Agarwal in Rapti Sagar, who clicked a picture of the rare bird. “The small bird that looks like a sparrow, is difficult to be spotted but easily heard,” said the architect, also a member of the Heritage Foundation.

“Since wildlife photography is my hobby, I take my camera and go for a walk every morning to a plot next to my house where I have planted a number of plants and trees. On Sunday morning, I was surprised to hear the shrill disyllabic ‘chee-wee’ cry of a Greenish Warbler.

“I followed the sound, and with great enthusiasm, clicked the picture of the small bird chirping amidst the branches of a tree,” said Agarwal.

“Greenish warbler is not easy to spot due to its timid behaviour. They are, however, one of the earliest migratory birds to travel from its breeding grounds in Europe to North India in August, and later move further to South India in November,” he explained.